These group workshops are participatory. They can be are scheduled in the following formats:

  • Once a week for 8 weeks
  • Once a month for 2 hours
  • Discovery day with shared lunch
  • Week-end workshop

These participatory group workshops aim to disconnect from external constraints, take care of one’s needs, and open one’s mind to the possibility of change. To have fun, discover oneself, experiment and try something new. To make choices for oneself, and take the time to live life with more vitality. These are some of the themes that can be addressed at these workshops. The final program will be based on the interests of participants:

Themes :

Themes can be customized for a particular environment or audience. if you have a specific request, please contact me.

These workshops can be presented in :

– A weekly 1,5 hour session during an 8 week period
– A monthly session of 2 hours
– A half day workshop
– A full day workshop with shared lunch
– A week-end workshop.

Cost will be determined based on location and number of participants. These workshops are also available in French.

Interested in joining a group? If you would like more information, please contact me.