Moving my body to the music has always been pure joy and it comes naturally to me. “You could dance before you could walk” my mother once told me. I started ballet at age 4 and continued until my twenties. Then I experimented with other forms of dance such as modern, jazz and tap. Eventually I discovered ballroom dancing and it became a passion. Shortly after moving to the United States I participated in competitions. Performing was a delight yet competitions turned out to be too stressful for me. So I joined a USABDA formation team and performed with them for 9 years.

There I met my future dance partner Jose who introduced me to Argentine Tango. After travelling extensively and training with numerous tango teachers, we began to perform locally and eventually created the Binghamton Tango Society in the late 90’s to share our passion.

Family responsibilities eventually sent us our separate ways but I continued to teach ballroom, latin and swing, performing every chance I got. After a while I realised that my body was starting to suffer from the intensity of the dancing and that it was becoming urgent to find gentler forms of dance. My expressive arts training introduced me to dance therapy and I immediately felt I had come home. Yoga and various forms of Qi-Gong also opened new horizons and taught me ways how to connect more deeply to my Essence.

Now I express the joy of music through my body in simple and natural ways giving myself permission to let go of rules, frames, or choreography and just responding to the natural impulse. Letting the music express itself through me without any judgement, without comparing myself to others, is so liberating! Just being who I am in this present moment and feeling free to express what wants to come through. In sharing my vision with as many people as possible, I hope to inspire others to give themselves permission to do the same.

If you are curious and would you like more information, please contact me.